Tuesday, 11 December 2018 10:05

Ukraine has implemented another domestic TDC loader

As it became known SpecMachinery.com.ua, recently took place the shipment of all-wheel drive mini-loader TDC-1201 to the city of Dnepr.

Model TDC-1201 - mini-loader Ukrainian manufacturer "TDS UkrSpetstekhnika", designed for highly efficient operation, movement and loading of various kinds of cargo in a limited space.

The machine is equipped with a 63 hp Beinei F4L912 engine. and a working volume of 3.7 liters. The load capacity of the machine is 1250 kg with an unloading height of 2440 mm. Sauer Danfoss hydraulic system provides a flow of 75 l / min.

Recall that in 2018, the TDC group of companies (TDS UkrSpetsTehnika and Logistic Machinery) organized their own production of mini-loaders under the TDC trademark.

The design uses a domestic frame and a number of other components. The engines - Beinei - are made in China, but the Deutz engines are taken as the basis.

According to SpecMachinery.com.ua, such projects unequivocally signal positive processes that occur in the economy of Ukraine and in the construction field, in particular.

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