Monday, 06 May 2019 16:13

KrAZ has developed a new garbage truck with side loading

“AutoKrAZ” in partnership with PО “Auto-Holding” (Kremenchug) have created new side loader garbage truck KrAZ-5401.

This special vehicle is designed for collecting solid domestic waste, compacting, carrying and dumping at disposal sites.

Garbage equipment made by “Auto-Holding” is mounted on 7 tonne KrAZ-5401Н2 medium-duty chassis. This chassis suitable for conversion to vehicles provided with industrial equipment is available in both short and long wheelbase depending on equipment dimensions. The chassis cab is powered by 170hp 4-cylinder inline engine meeting Euro-5 standard featuring better fuel efficiency. The engine is coupled with 6-speed manual transmission. Comfortable hoodless cab provides better maneuverability very important in tight urban environment.  By the way, the same cabs are available on all the trucks for municipal applications.

Special equipment includes 12 cu.m. hopper with compaction ratio up to 4. Work tools are hydraulic and manually controlled. Weight of loaded waste is at least 4200 kg; loading hopper capacity is 700 kg. Hatch cover and rear tailgate are hydraulically driven. Type of containers used: Eurostandart, К-075 m3.


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