Thursday, 21 March 2019 10:28

KrAZ manufactured the first 40-ton truck crane

The 40 tonne КС-65719 truck crane has just been added to the KrAZ lineup of special vehicles. It is the most powerful and what is more, it is based on new cabover chassis KrAZ.  “AutoKrAZ” has never had such special vehicle in its lineup.

Special equipment is mounted on the 6х4 KrAZ-6511В4 dropside truck chassis. Power pack includes an engine rated at 375hp meeting Euro-5 coupled with manual transmission and single-disk push-type clutch. Starting preheater is available. Brake system with ABS is air-operated from engine compressor. Flat nose day low cab offers a high level of comfort.   It features functional dashboard, integral steering, central lock and power glass windows.  

The vehicle is provided with double tires, on-board computer with a combination of instruments, front and rear radiator guards, electrically-operated heated rear view mirror, headlamp guards, rear towing device. According to customer’s technical specification options include digital tachograph, two wheel chocks and 4 tonne counterweight.

Crane superstructure made by ТК “Ukrainian Truck Cranes” includes 34 m long four-section boom with lifting capacity of 40 tonne and swing angle of 360 °. Control system is standard, with safety devices. Crane cab is equipped with diesel heater and radio recorder.  

25 and 32 tonne truck cranes supplied by “AutoKrAZ” for the last two years to its partners in oil and mining industries were based on the 6х6 KrAZ-6322and 6х4 KrAZ-65053 chassis. At customer’s request this 40 tonne truck crane is mounted on cabover chassis.

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