Sunday, 09 December 2018 20:06

Zoomlion is preparing to become a leader in the production of lifts

A major Chinese manufacturer of construction equipment, Zoomlion has established a new division for the production of self-propelled lifting equipment.

The new site is located in the Chinese province of Hunan, has 5 automated production lines, including 27 welding robots and 9 automatically controlled trucks.

The new production line, in the first stage, includes various models of self-propelled scissor lifts, and telescopic and articulated lifts.

Based on its own advanced technologies, financial capabilities and a well-developed sales network, Zoomlion plans to implement 6,000 self-propelled various types of lifts in 2019 totaling $ 72 million.

In total, only one Zoomlion production complex in Changsha can produce up to 12,000 self-propelled scissor lifts per year.

Note, Zoomlion has five own research centers around the world, including one in the United States, specialized exclusively on self-propelled lifts.

Recall that one of the concern’s factories (namely, the Belarusian-Chinese joint venture OOO Zumlion-MAZ) is located in Belarus. The company specializes in the production, sale and maintenance of special equipment with attachments "Zoomlion" based on the chassis "MAZ". And already a number of finished products was delivered to Ukraine.

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