Saturday, 13 October 2018 15:20

Special equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: MTU-20 tank bridge structure

How bridges are built all over the world — more or less clearly when it happens in peacetime — rather long design periods, an unlimited amount of building materials and labor.

As part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are several such machines, developed in the 60s of the last century, back in the USSR. They are designated MTU-20, or object 602.

The armored tank bridge construction was developed on the basis of the medium tank T-55 and is intended for the guidance of a single-span metal bridge.

The chassis of medium tanks T-54 / T-55 is used as a base vehicle. The machine has anti-nuclear protection, an automatic fire extinguishing system and a filter-ventilation unit, due to which it can work on the ground contaminated with poisonous and radioactive substances, and the crew can be in the vehicle without protective equipment.

Bridge length: 20 meters, width: 3.3 meters, weight: 7 tons. Arm / Disarm time: 5-10 minutes.

To bridge the bridge, the bridge deck approaches the barrier, using a hydraulic actuator, transfers the end parts of the bridge from the transport position to the working position. Then, in the front of the machine, an outrigger is lowered to the ground (outrigger, outrigger), otherwise, the machine will lean forward when the bridge is extended to the barrier, and the bridge slides over the obstacle. After that, the car drives back, while the bridge remains on the obstacle. To remove the bridge from an obstacle the machine can from the source or from the opposite shore.

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