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How did the truck market in Ukraine change in November

In November, the market for trucks with a gross weight of over 3.5 tons increased by 18.5% compared with last year. In the first 11 months, the truck market in Ukraine grew by 21.5%.

And for now - this is the most growing segment of the Ukrainian transport market. In terms of sales, it is now commensurate with the figures for 2010 - reports AUTO-Consulting.

In November, the technology segment with a total mass of 3.6-8 tons was growing at a record pace. Sales increased by 74%. In the positive zone, the month ended and traders of heavy trucks with a gross weight of over 16 tons (+ 11%).

An unprecedented struggle in November unfolded among the leaders. MAZ could still snatch victory, beating Mercedes-Benz by just 1 car. If you look at the trends, then in November, Mercedes-Benz increased sales by 423% and became No. 1 in the heavy truck segment, MAZ was unconditionally in the lead in the middle class (8-16 tons).

The long and monotonous work of IVECO on adapting special superstructures to its chassis began to produce concrete results. In November, IVECO was not just No. 1 in the 3.6–8 t segment, but simply left no chances to competitors, accounting for almost 37% of all sales. This success at IVECO is already observed not in the first month, and this means that the rate on transformation turned out to be not only correct, but also advantageous.

MAZ chose the same way earlier. As a result, he has No. 1 in the segment of 8-16 tons and almost 50% of all sales in this category. But the new Chinese brand Dayun is also rapidly gaining momentum. In November, he was already 4th in this class.

In the heavy truck segment, for a month in a row, Mercedes-Benz has a stable lead. In November, these trucks were chosen by 25% of customers. MAZ gained 18% and for the first 11 months it remains No. 1 on the market. However, the situation in the heavy segment is so unpredictable that it can change from any large party.

Among special equipment, in November, the highest growth was recorded in the segment of car lifts (+ 227%), and also tanks were in active demand (+ 50%).

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